Curly Girl Steam Cap

The 100% natural flaxseed Curly Girl Steam Cap is your ally for a healthy scalp and moisturized, shiny and strong hair.

Made by hand and with love, the inside of this cap contains carefully selected flaxseed wrapped in a layer of cotton. 

An essential part of your hair care routine, this cap continually releases gentle heat allowing your treatments to deeply penetrate the hair shaft for maximum effectiveness and deep treatment. Heat is released 20- 35 minutes for professional results that are visible from the very first uses.

Comfortable, elegant, cordless, quiet, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of this cap while going about your daily activities: a definite time saver for salon quality care that your hair will thank you for.

The Curly Girl Steam Cap is 100% natural microwaveable steam cap and it should be used as follows:

  • Cleanse your hair. For best results use pre-shampoo treatment. Shampoo the hair thoroughly make sure your scalp is clean. For dense thick hair, shampoo hair in sections.
  • Saturate hair with treatment of your choice. Section hair in 4 and comb product from Ends to Root. Add oils paying special attention to ends.
  • Completely cover your head with a plastic shower cap to protect the Curly Girl Steam Cap.

Directions to Heat The Curly Girl Steam Cap


4. Place your Steam ap in a microwave at 1000 watts. Heat the cap 2-3 times for 30-45 sec each time until desired heat level is achieved. Flip over cap at each interval.

Traditional Oven

4a.In the traditional oven at 100 ° for 10 mins, turning the cap on its 2 sides in small cycles of 3 to 5minutes. 4-If additional heat is desired, continue to heat in 10- 20 sec increments, flipping the cap over at each interval. Do not exceed 3 minutes of total heating per use!!!

5. Place heat cap over your shower cap. For best results, keep heat cap on for at least 20mins.(If the treatment needs to be extended and the cap is cold, repeat step 3)

6. Remove your heat cap once it gets cold, allow your hair to cool for at least 5 minutes, and then rinse hair with coolwater.

Other Uses:

- Curly Girl Steam Cap can be usedwhen coloring hair (if heat is required).

- Heat pack to soothe aching muscles.

- Cold cap in case of migraines and headache. Cap must be placed in a plastic bag and frozen beforehand.

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